About Sandipan

Sandipan Deb is an IIT-IIM graduate who wandered into journalism after reading a quote from filmmaker George Lucas — “Everyone’s cage door is open” — and has stayed there (in journalism, not a cage) since 1990. He has been Managing Editor of Outlook, Editor of The Financial Express, and the Founder-Editor of Open magazine.

Currently, he is an independent writer/ editor, and Managing Partner of Aardvark Media, a boutique media-agnostic publishing house.

Sandipan is the author of three books. The IITians:  The story of an extraordinary Indian institution and how its alumni are transforming the world, was published in 2004. Fallen Angel: The making and unmaking of Rajat Gupta, and his novel, The Last War, a re-imagining of the Mahabharata set in the Mumbai underworld, were both published in December 2012.

sandipanonline.com collects much of his writings in the media in one place and is where he blogs.